The Millennial Generation

Who Are They?

The Millennial or also known as Gen Y is the most sexy segment in the market nowadays due to their numbers. In Indonesia, they are 30% of the total population. So, who are these millennial? They are those who were born between 1980 – 2000. Now they are in productive age and dominate the current marke.It is predicted that in Indonesia, the millennial number will be growth continuously and in 2028 predicted there will be about 68% of the total population.


The Millennials Characteristics

“Believe in user generated content”

They don’t believe in one way information from company like advertisements, company’s claim. User testimonial from open source are strongly influence them. It’s fully supported by internet users growth recently and community groups.

The millennials can decide to buy products just because its has positive reviews from other users. After experiencing with products or services, the Millennials like to share their judgment and give some good or bad reviews.



pic: comment & review on products

“TV is not priority, digital media and information technology is the Everything ”

The Millennials were in technological sophisticated era which the internet is their everyday life, so that TV is not their first priority to get information and advertisement. The worst case is that the Millennials are avoiding TV.

Smartphone is the preferred device to get information, talking in digital forum community, connect with friends in social media as well as to get some updates about their preference.










“Social media is a mandatory”

Communication between Millennials are very smooth via online media: messenger (Whatsup, LINE, twitter, etc). Almost every Millennials have social media account.

“Millennials didn’t like conventional reading”

Reading is considered to be dizzying and boring for them. The Millennial generations are prefer to see pictures, especially if interesting and colorful. Some Millennials who still like reading are reading from e-books

“Millennials are better know the technology than their parents”

Millennials usually spend more time for online. Shopping, communicating, search information are some their activities that using online media.

“Millennials prefer cashless transaction”

The Millennials didn’t like to bring much money on the go, they use card or virtual banking account for transaction of buying, transportation, e-comerse, etc.




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